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Compost Seeding

Compost Seeding and Terraseeding from a Green Choice Leader

Established in 2002, Eco Constructors is a leading name in environmental services. We offer an array of erosion and sediment control services for businesses and property owners looking to improve their environmental impact. In addition to erosion control, we also offer specialty seeding services such as compost seeding or terraseeding.

Compost seeding – also known as terraseeding - is the process of seeding a layer of compost to create a prime environment for seedlings to grow. Compost provides added moisture and nutrients that are needed for plant life in its early growth periods. This organic practice helps produce healthy, lush vegetation that is great for areas where natural growth is difficult.

Compost is a mixture of natural products used to fertilize and enrich the soil. It’s typically made of old plant material, food waste, and other organic ingredients. The resulting mixture is full of nutrients and natural organisms that enrich the soil and promote growth. Compost can help improve the structure of the soil and its ability to soak up nutrients and moisture. Compost seeding is an effective method of planting seeds in an organic environment that is conducive to healthy growth.

Terraseeding is a great method of erosion control because it blankets the sediments and rejuvenates plant growth in the area. It’s great for a sloped or hilly area where it’s more difficult for natural vegetation to grow and an extra boost is needed.

If you need quality compost seeding services, give us a call today. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate and answer any questions you may have.

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