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Sustainable, Low-Impact Solutions

Mulch Blowing

ECO Constructors can install a variety of specialty mulches with our blower trucks. We can re-mulch existing beds or install new mulch to any landscape and hard to reach areas. Capable of mulching a job of any size; both commercial or residential. 

Benefits of having your mulch blown with our trucks:

  • Quicker installations; imagine 8 guys with wheelbarrows going back and forth for 1 hour. One of our blower trucks can install the same amount of material as those 8 guys in 1 hour.

  • Our blower truck allows for precise and consistent amount of mulch to be spread versus a wheelbarrow which can distribute unevenly. 

  • The material is distributed evenly.

  • Hard to reach areas are easily accessible.

  • Reduces waste and time

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