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Sustainable, Low-Impact Solutions

Hydroseeding & Terraseeding

Seeding, Terraseeding, Temporary Seeding.

Eco Constructors with Filtrexx has revolutionized the seeding industry by introducing the St. Louis and Southern Illinois areas to Terraseeding applications. Whether you need to seed in winter or hold a difficult slope, Terraseeding can handle the job. Terraseeding is a "blown-in" application that mixes compost with seed to create an ideal growing environment. Terraseeding creates a "blanket" of specially manufactured compost that creates a natural, instantaneous erosion control cover that prevents sheet erosion on slopes from exposed or denuded sites. The specially screened compost is applied loose but knits together in place to hold slopes naturally.

  • Immediate erosion control protection on slopes

  • Forms a complete, 100% intimate contact with the existing soil, all but eliminating the possibility of water getting underneath to initiate erosion.

  • Dormant seeding capability

  • Germination is greatly increased due to the warmth and moisture surrounding the seed in the soil.

  • The "blown-in" application levels the soil for a smooth, well-drained surface. Natural and 100% biodegradable.

Eco Constructors specializes in all kinds of seeding including temporary seeding. Temporary seeding is a great way to stabilize areas of a site that have yet to be disturbed after a final grade. Vegetating areas that are not currently being disturbed is a great way to eliminate erosion, comply with storm water guidelines, and keep costs down

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