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Sustainable, Low-Impact Solutions

Erosion Control

Our expanding toolbox of compost erosion control products includes the use of FilterMedia and GrowingMedia that is custom installed within mesh FilterSoxx. FilterSoxx allow for the loose organic products to be contained and therefore provide many environmental benefits. Our products are used as silt fence alternatives, straw bale replacements or as a substitute for other BMP's commonly used on construction sites.

Filtrexx FilterSoxx are commonly referred to as "compost socks" or "mulch socks" however, both terms can be misleading. Neither "traditional" garden soil, compost, nor mulch provide the same organic filtering benefits that Filtrexx requires of its specified FilterMedia. Filtrexx FilterSoxx technologies utilize nature's own systems in order to control soil erosion and improve storm water quality. Because the composting process eliminates contaminants and reduces runoff such as weed seed and pathogens, Filtrexx compost soil erosion control products are far more environmentally friendly than other synthetic materials (especially when used as a silt fence alternative) while remaining the most effective tool available.

Our Solution Helps You Control Costs

Benefits Over Other Stormwater BMP's

Faster & Cost-

Effective Installs

No trenching is necessary with installation, saving you time and money. It can also be utilized in areas that are difficult to install, like frozen ground or across pavement.

Installation is simple and requires a smaller team to install, saving your team valuable resources that can be tasked to different aspects of your project.

Plus, when it comes time to remove the material, SiltSoxx can be cut open on-site to reveal its compost contents and left to benefit the surroundings.



From fewer stakes needed with straw wattle to superior rates of performance that require less maintenance due to fence failures, utilizing a SiltSoxx™ system helps keep maintenance costs in check once installed.

And, once it's installed, it typically lasts longer than other systems like silt fence or straw wattles, eliminating the need to manage and/or reinstall.

And, with a fully biodegradable option available, they can be left in place requiring no removal and allowing them to return to nature.



SiltSoxx™ come in a variety of sizes, 12", 8" and 5", all with higher total solids removal efficiency than conventional means.

With a fast flow-through rate, SiltSoxx decrease ponding while increasing sediment removal, resulting in better performance at your site.

Plus, superior quality saves you money by eliminating costly re-install and non-compliance costs.

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