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Sustainable, Low-Impact Solutions

SWPPP Inspections

On July 1st, 2003 EPA reissued the Construction General Permit (CGP) to extend coverage to construction sites that disturb one or more acres, including smaller sites that are a part of a larger development. These sites are required to have a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).


A SWPPP is a written document, which is broader and more complicated that a typical erosion and sediment control plan that describes the construction operator's activities to comply with the requirements in the CGP. ECO Constructors keeps development sites in compliance with not only the EPA's regulations but local regulations as well by using a project management plan that includes:

  • SWPPP CreationSecure on-site storage of SWPPP and other necessary documents that can be monitored by ECO Constructors inspections 24 hours a day.

  • Initial SWPPP updating and continued updating throughout the life of the project.

  • EPA required on-site inspections every 7 days and 24 hours after any rainfall greater than 1/2 inch*

  • Maintenance and installation when needed

*Qualification for a rainfall event varies based on each Municipality or State.

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