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Erosion Control

High-Quality Erosion Control from a Leading Name in Green Solutions

At Eco Constructors, we are a leader in erosion control and other environmental services. We can handle anything from stream bank restoration to providing EPA and SWPPP documents. Give us a call today if you need erosion services and want the help of experienced professionals.

What are the Benefits of Erosion Control?

Without vegetation, the natural terrain is vulnerable to erosion. Erosion control is the process of preventing the erosion of a landscape by promoting the natural growth of plant life.

Erosion can hurt the environment and ecology of an area. Wildlife depends on the vegetation that grows in certain areas and erosion can eat away at the amount of fertile land. Erosion control helps protect the local environment and preserve the natural ecosystem by fighting the negative effects of erosion.

We use a product called Filtrexx FilterSoxx, commonly referred to as compost socks or mulch sox. It’s an alternative to a silt fence and it’s a tubular mesh device that contains compost material. It’s great for erosion control and stormwater management because it uses nature’s own systems to control soil erosion.

In addition to erosion control, we are also licensed to offer a variety of certifications, including SWPPP.

What is SWPPP Certification?

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan or SWPPP is a document created by a designated constructor that identifies what activities at a site could cause water pollution and outlines the steps that the facility needs to take to prevent any potential pollution. SWPPP Certification is needed to obtain a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. The purpose of the SWPPP is to help the EPA regulate facilities and improve the overall water quality of the country.

At Eco Constructors, we offer SWPPP Certification to any facility that needs it. We will ensure that all your development sites are within EPA regulations as well as local regulations so you can pass any inspection. Give us a call today if you need your SWPPP Certification for your facility.

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