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Common Equipment Used in Erosion Control

Erosion is an important process that shapes environments. When erosion occurs, the soil is moved by water, wind, or ice. Erosion can be seen as a natural phenomenon on coasts, deserts, or mountaintops, but it also causes significant damage in some urban areas where construction work has changed the landscape, causing increased erosion rates.

Erosion control is used by farmers, ecological engineers, and construction workers to prevent soil loss and protect landscapes. Several types of equipment are used for this purpose. They include:

Geogrid Reinforcement Mesh

Geogrid reinforcement mesh is used when waves move large amounts of sediment. The geogrid reinforcement mesh is placed between larger rocks to keep the smaller rocks from moving around by waves.

Cost-Effective Rip Rap Boulders

Riprap is a type of barrier that is used to stop soil erosion. The cost-effective rip rap boulders are large, fastened together rocks placed in strategic locations so the wind will not move them. Since these kinds of boulders are expensive to transport, most companies only use these strategically placed rocks to stop erosion effectively.

Erosion Control Fences

An erosion control fence is a silt fence mainly used to protect waterways from debris and sediment. Silt fences are made of high-quality plastics, aluminum, or galvanized metal. They are connected with stakes in the ground which can be removed after installation. The fence is placed perpendicular to the site, where erosion is most likely to occur until vegetation starts growing on it.

Erosion Control Straw Wattles

Straw wattles are rolls of biodegradable paper that have been filled with straw and will decompose when they get wet. They can be used for erosion control along waterways, slopes, and planter boxes. Using straw wattle is more expensive than using other methods such as silt fence or erosion mat, but it is also more effective.


Like erosion, matting geotextiles are often made of polypropylene and can be used to prevent erosion or reduce sediment build-up on slopes. Geotextiles need to be fastened with some fixings, and the edges must be folded over and held in place.

Erosion Mats

Erosion mats are erosion control matting made from geotextiles and formed into a sheet. Several different types of erosion matting can be used on steep slopes, around plants, or to prevent sediment build-up on roads. Like geotextiles, they are made of polypropylene and must be fastened.

Whether you use a silt fence, straw wattle, or erosion matting for your erosion control project, ensure you know what to do with it after the job is done. Removing any of these materials can be difficult, but you can cut up and reuse geotextiles as garden weed barriers lay down gravel as a pathway instead of using materials like silt fencing, which must be removed after the project is complete.

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